1) Here's the flyer for the new Tuskegee 99 landing page we need created. I think you’d be fine to place it under featured programs. recommend creating Tuskegee 99 page under “Featured Programs and Events”  and placing the flyer there. 

2) Recommend updating “Featured Programs” to “Featured Programs and Events”

3) We took care of the add under the upcoming events for EAH-VA and Tuskegee 99. 

4) We also need TM added to our DVFP logo are you able to assist with that? 

5) In addition to the other edits requested. When checking the mobile site I realized the TM doesn’t show next to our names, can that be fixed? Screenshot examples attached. How can we ensure the information syncs on the web and mobile sites? I’ve also noticed several typos/errors with our content. What’s the best way to make thee updates?

6) TM should be added to the word mark at the top of these pages: PAR, Double Victory Flight Program, and Eyes Above the Horizon. The pages are located under Featured Programs.

7) Words “Flight Introduction Aviation Stem” should read “Flight Introduction, Aviation, and STEM” On the Eyes Above the Horizon Page, located under “Featured Programs”

8) Create landing page at Scholarship tab, title “Scholarship Recipients” where we can post the flyers of the recipients (5 attached: Marshall, Clemons, Harris, Nair, Gangadeen) 

Text “Please join Legacy Flight Academy in congratulating its 2021 scholarship recipients”

If this doesn’t work, a tab under photos works as well. 

9) Under “Featured Programs and Events” after Tuskegee 99 add tab for Combined Federal Campaign. Will send flyer - Notes: No flyer sent

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